Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Recently our company decided to diversify our skills to the sustainable energy sector. We are fully MCS approved to install, design and supply Solar PV systems, adhering to strict regulations.

Energy Saving Trust

We provide support from our fully qualified electricians, joiners, builders and roofers, therefore we our fully dedicated team can commit all the skills and experience needed to achieve 100% perfection and see to your every need.

Solar energy is safe, sustainable and low cost, enabling our clients to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but their energy bills also. Solar PV also has no moving parts, making it almost 100% maintenance free.

MCS Approved InstallerAs well as Solar PV we can provide Solar Thermal providing unlimited free hot waterpump in order to make further savings on energy cost this will then create the potential for zero running costs in heating and hot water in your home. Any excess can then even be sold back to the grid, making this system a worthwhile investment. An example of one of our combined system projects was recently completed in Portvoller, Point. Images of which can be seen above.
If you have any questions regarding Solar PV or Thermal please don't hesitate to call our team who are readily available to offer further information and advice. Have a look at a range of our renewable work in the photographs above.