Heat Pumps

Energy Saving TrustWe are able to provide domestic and commercial customers with ground and air source heat pumps, again adhering to strict MCS regulations. Heat pumps provide an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly heating solution and we can ensure that our clients are not only enabled to reduce their carbon footprint but will save money in the long term.

For every unit of electricity used, three to four units of heat are produced, therefore if replacing a system fuelled by oil, a £300 - £400 annual saving will be made. If replacing a gas fired system the saving will be closer to £200 a year. Heat pumps also require no annual services and typically last up to 25 years, saving you money from day one.

MCS Approved InstallerWe use Danfoss and Daikin heat pumps. Danfoss are known to be the quietest air-source heat pump on the market, using innovative technology to operate at the highest possible annual efficiency. Daikin provide some of the best heat pumps on the market, using cascade technology Altherma HT, to reach high temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius.

Heat pump technology can be applied in various ways, according to your needs, plus there is no need to worry about any aspect of the process as we are able to provide a complete service to design, supply and install your system.